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Let us set the standards for your internet needs!

Rural Internet Connections is an Indiana-based company with ten years of experience in internet services. Our team members are knowledgeable of other services offered in this field. We are confident that our plans will provide your residence with the best connection suitable for your needs! We provide unlimited high-speed internet plans and intelligent solutions for the Wi-Fi range. 

Parents and Daughter

Problem Solving Made Easy

When working with RIC, we provide you with the correct understanding and technical knowledge for a successful service. Most internet companies have employees that do not understand location is a huge factor when determining service. Our team takes the extra time to do it. Rural Internet Connections is the best possible option for you! We always seek your valuable feedback and customer referrals. Click the link to find out more about our ordering process.


We believe in a valuable service, and we are always seeking better solutions for our customers.


No one has all the answers. Continuous learning is a principle for our team and customers.


We believe internet service should be inclusive and accessed anywhere. We will take the time to help.

Rural Internet Connections Core Value

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