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Our service uses the latest technology with 4g LTE towers from all major carriers. Rural Internet Connections uses Verizon, At&t, and T-mobile cellular towers. We can provide rural, remote, and traveling customers with internet that supports all daily needs. Our plans are suitable for online gaming (Xbox, PlayStation, PC, etc.), live streaming platforms (YouTube TV, Peacock, Facebook, etc.), working from home (VPN, google meets, etc.), and much more!  Our plans differentiate from a typical hotspot device by providing genuinely unlimited data, without any restrictions.  We believe in the best connection for our subscribed customers, so we use high-quality equipment to provide the fastest speeds for your location. With the equipment and our free tech recommendations, you will be able to use your service at its best capability. 

Our Customer Subscribers Recieve

 No Data Limit

With our plans, you will have unlimited data, and you will be provided with the fastest speeds, based on your location.

Most Cellular Carriers and other providers, such as satellite services, advertise unlimited but will slow your speeds after usage. Other options in your area, (such as broadband or a DSL line), will have slow speeds (Mbps). 

When you're subscribe through us, you will not have any more overage fees, or ever have to buy tokens again.

Home & Mobile

Pay only one bill!

Many of our subscribers live in two locations or travel in their RV. Your plan can go with you when you travel. Whether it's to work from home, your modem uses a standard wall outlet so you will be able to connect anywhere with power. We also have a powerless option available that uses a lithium battery. This is great for anyone who plans to be off the grid or isn't around any Powersource. Your service will work anytime there is coverage from the carrier network. 

No Contract

We believe in no contract! Most providers will have you commit to a 24-month agreement, and you will have to lease expensive equipment. Our service is a monthly subscription with no extra cost or hidden fees. You may cancel at any time, and you will not be penalized. We do not charge any early termination fees or require any purchased equipment to be returned. Its less hassle and easy for everyone!

No Credit Check

Our service is available to all customers. Most providers will have you pay a deposit to start services. The only upfront cost with our subscription is your modem and first month. You will purchase your modem and first month to order service. Since we use higher quality modems, your modem may be costly. We have payment options available to anyone in need. We will work with any potential customers.

14 Day Trial 

Upon purchasing your modem, we provide a 14-day trial at no risk. We are familiar with our service and any cellular network. We understand not all locations have the greatest cell coverage. Our 14-day trial period will have you covered.  We strive for happy customers along with referrals. We believe customers should be able to use the internet at their needs. If for some reason it's not up to par, we will refund you for your first month plus your modem cost. 

Our Coverage Providers

Satisfied Customers

Quotation Mark

We were running out of options for internet. Every place I've called was unable to service us. I have two boys at home who love fortnite. I am so happy with the service!!! We can now stream our tvs and our kids can play online. 

Catherine Bowling

Quotation Mark

Have been with satellite for years because that is all I could get. Could barely stream on one tv without buffering. Now I can on multiple tvs . Its worth every penny to me. I pay for something that works.

Bill Dunan

Quotation Mark

SOOO happy we found this company! After covid stated, I had to work from home. We always had less than average internet service. This was our solution. I can finally work from home. Whether its zoom meetings, sending documents, etc, I have NO interruption! My family can finally use the internet. We are so happy. No more satellite service! Thank you guys! 

Jamie Bratten

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