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Unlimited data available in your area!

LIVE STREAM online TV services, gaming consoles, video calls, & more!

Fast and reliable home and mobile Internet

Connect wirelessly to all your smart devices or directly use a line for all your work requirements. 

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Plug-in and
Power up.

Cut Cords with fast streaming speeds that support all the online platforms you love.

Need assistance? Our team will walk you through each step. 

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We bring unlimited where others don't

Keep consistent speeds throughout your entire month. Enjoy your service without worrying about data usage. There is enough for everyone! Worry less and enjoy more.

  • How is this different than my hotspot device?
    Our plans are seperated from your cell carrier itself. Most carriers will advertise unlimited but your data will slow down after Gigabyte usage. We provide unlimited data without any restrictions or throttling speeds after data usage. We also provide efficient modems that get great bandwidth from the tower. Our modem will help pull that signal and provide a better range of wifi throughout your house.
  • How do I get coverge?
    Coverage is based on cellular network towers in your area. Our operation works similar to how your cellular device connects. They both use nearby networks for connection. If you know you have good signal through your current cell carrier, you are able to get coverage through our service. We use Verizon, AT&T, amd T-mobile Networks. If you need help determining the best coverage, reach out to us. Our team members will gladly help!
  • Can I use my device at multiply locations?
    Yes! If location supports the network and has coverage, your service will go with you. Pay one service and mobilize at multiply locations. This is great option for our customers who love to travel.
  • How to order service?
    Fill out an inquiry on our contact page and a team member will reach out to you.
  • How do I contact technical support?
    Our support number: 1-855-753-3474 Email:
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